Wednesday, 16 September 2009


eine tolletolletolle wundervolle person postet in ihrem blog szenen aus 'all night nippon'/oguri shuns radiosendung mit übersetzung !! *Q*

hier ein kleiner einblick in ein intervew, das er mit matsujun geführt hat~

J: Huh? What?
O: Like “Right” or “Yeah”. You just sound different from usual.
J: I thought that would be better to start off that way.
O: Oh, just to start off.
J: So how should I call you?
O: Me? I guess… Shunkerbell.

J: Can I just say something? What’s Shunkerbell?
O: Okay, so…
J: Lemme just add, I got a copy. Since I was gonna be on All Night– Oguri Shun’s All Night Nippon, I thought I’ll listen to it so I asked for the old manuscript. And I saw “Shunkerbell” was used like it was no big deal… so what IS that?

O: So on the first show, we thought we’d ask the listeners to decide on a nickname for me. And then, I just changed it around without anyone’s permission, so now it’s Shunkerbell.
J: Does it have anything to do

with Tinkerbell?
O: It can, but not necessarily. But Shunkerbell is like… in a way, after doing Hanazawa Rui who’s like a white prince… Shunkerbell is like a white fairy.
J: You mean a ghost?


der hatn knall

der typ ❤


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ders einfach nur dumm XDD